Woody biomass from forestry operations is used as a form of fuel for renewable energy. Biomass power plants burn wood byproducts in a controlled boiler to produce steam, which drives a turbine to make electricity for homes and businesses. This process reduces emissions by 98 percent when compared with burning it in the open.

  • Every part of a tree has a beneficial use, whether it’s for wood products or renewable energy.

  • With the help of biomass facilities, sawmills can now provide energy to fuel their own operations.

  • Biomass from forests restores forest health and fire resiliency by removing excess fuel.

  • Provides clean energy jobs and helps meet California’s renewable energy goals.

  • The biomass power industry turns more than 25 million tons of wood waste into clean renewable energy every year. To see where California’s biomass energy plants are located in correlation to the fire hazard risk, click here.