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Executive Director - The Forest Foundation

The Organization

The Forest Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of educators, landowners, business professionals and community members whose goal is to provide Californians with the most credible source of information regarding the benefits of sustainable forest management.  Since 1994, the Foundation’s programs have focused on educating youth in and out of the classroom with great success.  Recently, it has expanded its efforts to foster educational opportunities for decision makers and universities.

The Position 

Under the direction of the Foundation Chair, the Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Is the Foundation’s spokesperson and communicator promoting its goals and programs including public relations strategies, news and media relations, information and presentations for various organizations, clubs and schools, etc.

  • Carries out the policies and directives of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

  • Manages the paid staff and contractors of the Foundation in support of programs.

  • Current associated development programs include, but are not limited to Talk About Trees, Forest Institute for Teachers, the Cal-Expo Forest Center, as well as supporting Sierra Nevada Journeys, and the California Forest Challenge.

  • Provides leadership, direction and administration of all aspects of the Foundation’s activities including fundraising to ensure compliance with established objectives.

  • Provides overall administration, management, coordination, integration, and ongoing development of the Foundation office.

  • Functions as a liaison with the Board of Directors, while actively managing the business affairs of the organization.

    • Works with the Board, committees, and staff in development and carrying out the Strategic Plan.

    • Keeps the Board informed of the current state of all programs, initiatives, and activities as well as the financial position of the Foundation.

    • Oversees development of the Foundation’s annual budget and supervises project expenses and budgets.

    • Is responsible for all records retention, databases

Qualities and Qualifications

The Executive Director is an individual who can professionally represent the Foundation and provide leadership in promoting the Foundation’s Mission and Goals.  The successful candidate must have:

  • The potential to rapidly attain knowledge of the sustainable management and conservation of California’s forests, ownerships, and policies.

  • The potential to be a credible spokesperson and communicator promoting the Foundation’s goals and programs.

  • The ability to organize and effectively run the Foundation’s internal office processes, procedures, staff and contractors.

  • Social media and marketing skills.

  • Ability to create program budgets, financials and analysis.

  • Fundraising knowledge and experience.

 Compensation Package

Salary is commensurate with experience. 

 To Apply

For immediate confidential consideration, please e-mail your resume to:   along with your desired salary range, and a cover letter highlighting your relevant qualifications and experiences that support your candidacy.