From the classroom to the Capitol, our focus is to educate all Californians about the benefits of sustainable forests. Check out our free "Talk About Trees" materials.

The Forest Foundation provides free classroom materials for teachers and educators. The following curriculum and resources will give students a better understanding of trees and their relationship to humans and the environment. Educational Materials.


Many kids do not have the opportunity or resources to visit our forests and learn about the many benefits that trees provide to our society. With our Talk About Trees program, we seek to close this nature deficit by bringing the forest directly into the classroom. This program is specifically designed to teach students in grades K-8 the value of trees in our everyday lives. Our more than 13 facilitators provide a FREE, 1-hour, hands-on learning presentation that can be supplemented with our FREE teacher resources. Our curriculum has recently been updated and aligned to the new Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards so you can be confident that your supplemental lessons are meeting the state standards. Contact us today to give your students a glimpse inside our forests.

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We are proud to be educating our California policymakers about the value that our forests bring to both our environment and our economy. Through our tours, we take leaders directly into the woods to educate them on issues that impact our forests. Our tours vary by region, but address wildfire risk, water quality and quantity, wildlife habitat, forestry operations, reforestation, climate change and more. Over the years, we are proud to have introduced more than 80 leaders to California’s private and public forestlands.


Since 1994, The Forest Foundation has been operating the California Forest Center located inside Cal EXPO. This one-acre forest is home to hundreds of native plants and trees, and serves as a welcome respite during the hot days of the California State Fair. We are proud to welcome tens of thousands of people into the Center to educate them on the economic and environmental benefits of forests. During the Fair, guests can expect to follow our nature trail and see wildlife exhibits, chainsaw carving and milling demonstrations, play games, and learn about the benefits of our forests. Don’t forget to pick up your FREE tree seedling and grow with us!


School tours of the California Forest Center are designed to encourage a sense of discovery and excitement while promoting an understanding of the importance of healthy forests. In a 75 minute tour, students learn how our forests and trees provide us with clean air and water; wildlife habitat; and much needed wood products.

Tours of the California Forest Center provide hands-on learning experiences that support California science standards. Students rotate through various stations that include a walking tour, exhibit tables, and interactive activities. Students learn what a tree needs to grow, what we do to ensure healthy forests for future generations, and learn the impacts of insects, fire and drought on forest health.

Tours are conducted in the Spring and the Fall in conjunction with California State Fair Kaiser Permanente Farm at CalExpo, for more information please visit http://www.castatefair.org/farmtours/

For more information or to schedule a tour not in conjunction with The Farm, please contact The Forest Foundation Office at 866-241-8733.