The California Forest Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. (Tax ID: 68-0022596)

As a nonprofit charitable organization, we rely on donors to help us fund our local California educational programs and share forest knowledge with lawmakers at the capital. Protecting, preserving, and understanding our California forests is at the heart of our mission.

When you support The California Forest Foundation (CFF), you are joining a coalition of many communities and thousands of individuals who are dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating our forests. Your contribution plays a crucial role in safeguarding our forests including valuable resources such as fresh air and clean water, diverse wildlife, outdoor recreational opportunities, and of course, our trees. We leverage the latest scientific research to develop our educational materials and inform the public about the best management practices to protect our forests.

We appreciate any level of support so we can continue to inform Californians about the benefits of our forests. Thank you for being a partner with us.

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