About Us

Who We Are

At The California Forest Foundation, we believe that education is the key to shaping a brighter future. With a passionate team of environmentally-conscious educators, natural resource professionals, and community leaders, we are committed to providing transformative educational programs that inspire the next generation of environmental champions. By instilling a deep appreciation for nature and a sense of responsibility towards our forests, we aim to create a healthy and vigorous forests throughout California to come.

Our Vision

Every Californian recognizes that the well being of society depends on the health and sustainability of forests.

Our Mission

To foster public understanding of forest ecosystems in California by providing balanced, science-based information on environment and societal uses of forest resources for present and succeeding generations.

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What We Do

The California Forest Foundation informs Californians about sustainable forests and how they protect the environment and the economy. We are the expert source on California forestry. We accomplish this through various programs. Here are a few:

  • Educate students and teachers through our in-class Talk About Forests presentations.
  • Provide free teaching materials and environmental curriculum for classrooms.
  • California Forest Center educates families with its one-acre demonstration forest at Cal Expo.
  • Provide hands-on tours of California’s working forests for policymakers.
  • Distribute educational resources for local and state leaders on various policy issues.
  • Partner with universities to promote and distribute cutting-edge forestry research.
  • Support and partner in teaching California’s next generation of professional foresters.
  • Support the Forestry Institute for Teachers program.

Our Board Members

Paul Chapman, Chair
Campbell Global
Mark Luster, Second Vice Chair
Sierra Pacific Industries
Rebecca Fabisch Miller, Treasurer
River City Bank
Brita Goldstein, Secretary
Green Diamond Resource Company
Rosalie Carnam
F&W Forestry Services, Inc.
Mike Jani
Mendocino Redwood Company
Maurine Padden
Attorney (Ret.)
Matt Dias, Advisory Board Member
California Forestry Association

Our Supporters